ODC Consignment

Yash Logistics - ODC Consignment

We have specialized team to handle the ODC transportation. Yash Logistics is one company that excels in handling over dimensional consignments better known as ODC. ODC shipments are usually much larger in dimension than normal shipments and therefore require different adeptness right from retrieval to delivery. These are bigger than standard containers in length, breadth and height, which make it difficult to handle with standard equipment and procedures. Anything requires specially designed vessels to carry this ODC from the source point to the destination point. Our team of experienced and dedicated crew members has been trained to handle such large scaled consignments with utmost ease and safety. Everything from loading to carriage to unloading is done by skilled task forces who have expertise in that sector. We at Yash Logistics assist all huge companies in getting their ODC delivered to the doorstep of the end user within the specified time limit.

The time limit for us is a challenge to offer best services while maintaining quality and substance in the solutions we offer. With our group of skilled professionals, you will never have reliability issues as we deliver on what we claim. It is our innovative procedures and a very motivated team of employees, managers and staff who offer high-grade services with zeal and zest. Our working environment is conducive to good work and growth and this translates into superior service for you. Everyone from our loaders to handlers and drivers enjoys an expertise over ODC domain that allows them to function as per the needs of each and every organization. All this is done at the prices which are too good to be true. Our reasonable fees and premium quality service makes us a niche market winners. We have helped various companies with their ODC shipments and will continue to do so forever.