Material Handling

Yash Logistics - Material Handling

Specialized care is given for complete handling of materials from cranes to forklifts in addition to manual deployment for loading and unloading operations. Bulk project movement is a service that requires excellent skills and years of experience. Yash logistics have both and so is one of the companies that are proficient at all kinds of material handling including heavy machinery, equipment and tools. We have a systematic procedure for handling industrial materials like steel, cement, power or petrochemicals, oils, gas and mining tools and equipment. We have bespoke solutions to match the project requirements of all sectors be it as robust as cement or as delicate as petrochemicals. We cater to all sectors in the most cost effective manner. We understand the needs of each industry and then demarcate the material that needs more attention than the one which is less useful to you. The movement of the material is done with the most sophisticated procedures that will keep your package safe. We utilize the best transportation practices to freight all of your material from the source to the final destination.

While your products are on its way to the destination, they are constantly monitored to keep them safe and in the top notch condition they deserve to be in. Our packaging staff has the required adroitness at making sure each package has cushioning and guard required during even the roughest of journeys. Our handlers take special care while dealing with all kinds of materials and make sure each consignment remains damage free. Until the time your material gets to its final stage, it is covered by our protective policies and practices. We at Yash Logistics not only focus on tailor-made solutions for you and your industry but leave no stone unturned to provide economy of time and effort from your part as well. A good service is worth its salt only if it is delivered on time and with precision.